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Rhythm and Rhyme
Fridays 4pm-5pm

Jan 10-Mar 13, 2020
10 weeks (Quarter 3)
Tuition: $150 per Quarter

The developmental approach and small class sizes encourages actors to develop clear, expressive speech and confident communication skills. This class atmosphere is supportive and dynamic, allowing both shy and confident people an opportunity to learn and grow. This class will increase problem solving skills, self-confidence, and stimulate imagination through group collaboration.

While reading poems and many short stories, we will respond to them physically, vocally and imaginatively through movement, storytelling and choral speaking. We will accomplish this through many Drama Games and many fun role playing activities!

A 60 minute class once a week will be offered. Students enrolling in the class will continue to grow their skills throughout the duration of the class. New students are always welcome to enroll!

Breaking Down The Bard!
Wednesdays 4:30pm-5:30pm
Grades 9-12

Jan 8-Mar 11, 2020
10 weeks (Quarter 3)
Tuition: $150 per Quarter

Students will break down a number of works of Shakespeare, demonstrating the basic meaning of plays, acts, and scenes. The class will also demonstrate that Shakespeare isn't hard, and anyone can do and understand his works!

The class will culminate in a showcase of monologues and scenes for friends and family.

This 60 minute class will be offered once a week. Students enrolling in the class will continue to grow their skills throughout the duration of the class. New students are always welcome to enroll!

Get to the Gist!
Tuesdays 4pm-5pm

Jan 7-Mar 10, 2020
10 Weeks (Quarter 3)
Tuition: $150 per Quarter

Take command of your voice and command of your voice and communicate with confidence and style! This class will inspire you to explore the power and range of your voice and will give you the tools to shape your ideas into vivid and effective presentations.

Hesitant and confident speakers will thrive in this safe learning environment, while enjoying solo and collaborative learning and presentation opportunities.

Your ideas will be front and center as you learn to outline and structure arguments, shape and embellish narratives, harnessing creativity and logic to create original stories and speeches that will captivate and engage your audience.

You will:

  • Learn to develop speech topic and organize ideas using outline format
  • Employ description, elaboration and commentary in original narrative
  • Use narrative structure to shape presentations
  • Develop a powerful and expressive voice
  • Speak with meaning, confidence and purpose
  • Explore tools to control nervousness and connect with the audience
  • Analyze and deliver examples of great oratory and literature
  • Appreciate the power of language to impact a listener and enrich communication
  • Develop active listening and conversation skills

Whether you attend the entire class session, you will find the lessons rewarding and will come away with a tool kit that will serve you in everyday life, academic situations, and even when seeking future employment.

This 60 minute class will be offered once a week. Students enrolling in the class will continue to grow their skills throughout the duration of the class. New students are always welcome to enroll!

Act Out, Speak Up!
Saturdays 11:00am-12:00pm
Grade 3-7

Jan 11-Mar 14, 2020
10 Weeks (Quarter 3)
Tuition: $150 per Quarter

Everyone can have fun, build confidence, and discover the power of the voice in our Act Out, Speak Up program! This class' dynamic atmosphere will provide everyone with a chance to build on their public speaking skills and self esteem through storytelling, improvisation and many other works of creative drama.

Imagination and creativity takes center stage while working as a group, as we will read many plays, short stories and scenes from modern and classic eras. We will take these great ideas and apply them to storytelling, improvisation techniques and group performance!

This 60 minute class will be once a week. Students enrolling in the class will continue to grow their skills throughout the duration of the class. New students are always welcome to enroll!

Theater and Speech Arts Program Benefits


Putting Theater and Literature in the Spotlight: 

Students in the Theater and Speech Arts program work with drama, poetry, and prose, bringing them to the stage for audiences small and large. In exploring the rich experience of the actor and interpreter, we explore literal meaning, dive into theme, subtext and connotation. We also guide students to explore what the ways in which language, sound patterns, rhythms, and structure intertwine in great works of theater and literature to derive meaning, and the ways in which a speaker can use layers of sound and other details to create their own artistic moment. Students delve into the lives of characters, discovering motivation and intention, and losing themselves in the acting process. 

The practical benefits from this training, from “nailing” an English exam to excelling in poetry and reading aloud, are evident in the child’s early studies. Parents see improved variety in vocabulary and comprehension. Immersing themselves in theatre and literature, from classic to contemporary works, and from poetry to prose; gives Theater and Speech students a broad sensibility and insight into the human experience. As students seek to understand and convey the meaning of pieces ranging from Winnie The Pooh to Ode to the West Wind, and bring characters to life, they discover layers of thought, emotion and meaning that profoundly affect who they are and how they view the world. Within every piece of theater and literature, we find ideas that resonate deep within us that help us find a bit of ourselves.

Public Speaking and Storytelling:
Public speaking and storytelling are major components of the Theater and Speech Arts program that benefit students in training them to think, create and shape their own ideas. With the skills they are learning from this program, they will share their ideas with an audience in a manner that is in the moment, alive and responsive. These skills are very powerful. Public speaking training is the element of the program that is most closely tied to success in academic and work situations. Students learn to craft and deliver a message that will influence and persuade an audience, mastering the main goal that parents seek, which include speaking effectively and achieving success. 


Storytelling is a similar presentation style that may be even more powerful than public speaking. Storytelling accesses personal stories and our own repertoire of experience. The great benefit in storytelling for students is their ability to shape a narrative, embellishing it with unique details, and to connect it with their audience. Storytelling is our most authentic means of communication, and it helps students find their own voice and personal speaking style. 


 Finding your voice- A Real Voice
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that parents see the value in good communication skills, since many employers today identify communication skills as a top priority in job posting and hiring criteria. Educators too are beginning to note a shift in focus from the testing of skills such as math and language as markers of achievement, to a new emphasis on 21st century skills of collaboration and communication. 
The Theater and Speech Arts program is unique in its emphasis on training the voice and body as a unified instrument. The benefit is that the Theater and Speech Arts students have a voice that commands and takes them from the stage to the classroom with ease and style. Not only do students learn to speak with clarity and use its voice to its maximum, healthy potential, by mastering tools such as pitch, inflection, power, tone and pace. To be present in communication depends on focused, physical energy with a voice that is flexible, commanding, pleasant and powerful. Theater and Speech Arts students find their voice and learn to speak with presence.


Teens Diving into Scenes
Fridays 5-6pm
Grades 8-12

Jan 10-Mar 13, 2020
10 weeks (Quarter)
Tuition: $150 per Quarter

Make a character, play a role, and let your drama shine in this dynamic acting class. Give life to characters and build a compelling performance from the ground up, learning how to study and analyze dramatic texts, rehearsing scenes, and moving and speaking with presence and purpose.

Theatre games will engage your creativity and voice, and will provide confidence and skills for you to take the stage. Students will have the opportunity to prepare a variety of monologues and group scenes, and a showcase of students work will be held at the end of classes.

This 60 minute class will be offered once a week. Students enrolling in the class will continue to grow their skills throughout the duration of the class. New students are always welcome to enroll!



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