About Us

About We Want to Do

Mission Statement – provide space and opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to explore the arts.

Vision Statement– to build and grow a multi-use venue that produces its own theatrical productions as well as those of other community theater groups. To expand group classes, workshops and Master Classes in voice, instrument, acting, improv, directing, set design, costuming and more. To provide internships to students interested in learning more about producing or directing. To develop a program to help young adults navigate the application to performing arts colleges. To introduce young people to the stage through camps. Ultimately, to listen to the students and meet their needs so they may achieve their goals.

About Our Name

Vero Voce – a name we inherited and love. “True Voice” can mean so many things and is more than just pure vocals. You can tap into your true voice through song, yes, but also through movement and music, the written page or the monologue. You can find it as an instructor welcoming in new students of music and acting or as a director bringing a vision to life through the cast. You can find as a member of an ensemble, a writer of a one-act, an indie band member or a podcaster. You can even find your voice as an audience member. A show does not truly come alive until there are house seats filled with eager participants who may or may not realize that the performance, they are about to take part in, may reveal something true about to them about themselves.

A note from the new Managing Director

Hello and Welcome-

I am very excited to take over as Managing Director of Vero Voce. There are so many talented people who have grown and honed their craft here and I am incredibly honored to be able to provide a space and opportunities for that to continue.

My theatrical background is primarily in stage management and I’ve done dozens of shows over the years. My education is in business and my professional background is in IT and Project Management. I love to bake and I am involved in animal rescue. Oh – and I have 6 great step-kids. I believe my varied skillset will enable me to keep the lights on here at Vero Voce for years to come.

I cannot begin to try to become the “New Dennis” – and certainly not Dawn (my singing voice is best kept alone in the car), but I fervently hope that I can continue to build on everything they have both accomplished here. Fortunately, Dawn and Dennis will continue on for a time as advisors.

All changes can be challenging, and I ask for a bit of grace while we navigate the transition. I am open to hearing any questions, concerns, comments you may have. I hope everyone who has called this place home will continue to do so.

Please look to this site for more news about upcoming productions, workshops, classes, and camps and subscribe to our newsletter.


Tara Frost

Tara Frost
Managing Director

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