Private Lesson Cancellation Policy

Vero Voce teachers do not give make-up lessons for any reason other than their own absence. Your tuition pays for a fixed time slot; this slot is yours whether you are there or not in any given week. If you are gone for an extended period of time and wish to discontinue your monthly payment, we need one month notice. Please think of your slot as a standing weekly commitment and schedule other activities such as doctor or dentist appointments, tutoring, school activities, vacations, family visits, summer camps, etc. accordingly. If you need to reschedule your standing time slot for an extended period of time, please talk to your teacher directly or email If you run into an occasional conflict, you are welcome to contact another of your teachers’ students directly to arrange to swap time if possible. This will help in the continuity of the learning of all our students and yours. If you are not going to be at your lesson, please let your teacher or the staff know out of courtesy. Thank you for your understanding and assistance in implementing this policy.

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